Monday, February 19, 2007

The Annual Agony

For the past several years, Presidents' Day in this house has been dedicated to an odious task — the completion of my CPA's tax-preparation questionnaire.

No matter how carefully and faithfully I compile receipts and enter tallies into Quicken throughout the tax year, this day is always one of backtracking and recomputing, of reprinting and finalizing. Today was no exception. I started before noon and finished around 6:00 P.m.

I had hoped to get this despicable task of working for Uncle Sam for no pay completed and still to have some energy for blogging tonight. But I find that all I want to do now is read this morning's paper and afterwards head for bed.

Because the middle of my work week is so busy, I may not be making blog rounds or posting much for the rest of this week. On the other hand, perhaps I will feel revitalized tomorrow. We'll see.


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posted by Always On Watch @ 2/19/2007 07:28:00 PM