Monday, July 16, 2007

Video: Islam: Cult or Religion?

[Hat-tip to Foehammer's Anvil, where I spotted this material]

About 10 minutes in length, the video below compares Muhammad's strategies for spreading Islam to those used in a cult. The material presented consists of text, including several verses in the Koran, and still photos, albeit with background music. Speakers are not required.

YouTube Link, where you can read some interesting comments

The points made in the film, not a substitute for watching the video, are listed below for your convenience:

Definition of a cult:
A religious group with extreme beliefs and practices — beliefs that are often contrary to science and logic but they are believed as "

Cult tactic #1:
Followers are isolated from friends, family and society.

Cult tactic #2:
Manipulative methods are used to control the minds of followers.

Cult tactic #3:
The group is controlled by a revered charismatic leader or leaders.

Cult tactic #4:
Recruiting work must be performed by all of the members.

Cult tactic #5:
Under penalty of severe punishment, including death, criticism of the leader and the doctrine are not permitted, nor is the reading of any critical material allowed.

Cult tactic #6:
Criticism and asking questions of the leader are strictly forbidden and regarded as lies from Satan.

Cult tactic #7:
Members spy on and inform on one another.

Cult tactic #8:
Members must suppress anything which reflects negatively on the organization and on the doctrines, particularly to outsiders.

Cult tactic #9:
Doctrine is absolute, with no room for interpretation.

Cult tactic #10:
Members must avoid contact with all ex-members and critics.

Cult tactic #11:
Members have a deep fear of leaving the organization.

Cult tactic #12:
Members are controlled through warnings of being caught and punished by death.

Cult tactic #13:
Questioning policy or doctrine, even in a mild manner, results in discipline by the leader(s).

Cult tactic #14:
Members are encouraged to subjugate all aspects of their lives, including interactions with family, in order to further the organization's cause.

Cult tactic #15:
Members should socialize only with other members and avoid contact with outsiders.

Cult tactic #16:
Teachings emphasize apocalypse and doomsday.

Is Islam a religion or a cult? Obviously the video's producers, including Ali Sina, one of the founders of Faith Freedom (archives here, active site here) believe the latter. What is your view?

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