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Dearbornistan Update: "Soccer" Riots

Nothing like celebrating a soccer victory, right? Um, not exactly.

From this column by Debbie Schlussel, emphases mine:
Both of Detroit's major newspapers (the Detroit Free Press and The Detroit Newsistan), today, are filled with gushing, glowing stories about the "peaceful" Shi'ite Iraqis in the streets of Dearbornistan, yesterday, who cheered on Iraq's win over Sunni-dominated Saudi Arabia in the Asian Cup.

But the Shi'ite-Sunni aspect of it was not reported. (I mean, Hello . . .? Why do you think they were so happy? They see this as symbolic what they want to do to the Sunnis (no prizes, themselves) for real in the Middle East, so that the Shi'ite domination of the world takes place.)

Nor was it reported that this is the SAME Shi'ite crowd that a year ago was in the streets cheering Hezbollah. Pro-Hezbollah Imam Husham Al-Husainy was the organizer of these riots and he was in the streets leading the crowd. (Click on the video on the right-hand side here, and you'll see one of my least favorite people, Al-Husainy, all over.) BTW, Al-Husainy says this victory is for "the freedom fighters," but he supports Iran and Jaish Al-Mahdi (Muqtada Al-Sadr's Mahdi Army).

Nor was it reported anywhere that Al-Husainy's "rally" of 3,000 in the streets actually turned into a somewhat violent riot. You did see some of that (sort of) "reported," last night, on Detroit FOX News-owned-and-operated news operation, FOX2. But, it wasn't actually reported by this pan-Islamist news outfit, either. Instead, it came across the screen in footage when the violence suddenly broke out. And though the reporter didn't remark on it, the reporter was visibly frightened.

And there's more. Police were in riot gear, also noticed by Detroit-area reader C.D., who writes:

I'm having a hard time finding any reports in the Detroit Newsistan regarding the violence that broke out last night in Detroit following the Asian Cup win.

I saw the report on Fox2 last night. There were dozens of police in riot gear. The reporter was visibly shaken. Another coverup? I think so.
Truth in the Detroit Newsistan about what actually goes on in Dearbornistan? You'll never find it. Of course, C.D. gets that. If only everyone in this town did.

You can take the people out of the violent Middle East, but you can't take the violent Middle East out of the people. If only our President learned that on 9/11. But, alas, he did not, so you will only see more of this, as more of these violent, unAmerican individuals get to come here to our shores and become ACINOs--American Citizens In Name Only.

Oh, and BTW, in all the press coverage, not a single American flag to be seen anywhere. Gee, whatta surprise.

Posted by Debbie at July 30, 2007 02:00 PM
Another example of just how well American Muslims assimilate into the American melting-pot. And another example of what Islamophiles the press in America are as our media willfully refuse to report certain events while, at the same time, reporting incidents such as this one, which I read in newspapers while Mr. AOW and I were attending a family reunion this past weekend (emphases mine):
July 27, 2007, 8:33 PM EDT

NEW YORK (AP) _ A 23-year-old man was arrested Friday on hate-crime charges after he threw a Quran in a toilet at Pace University on two separate occasions, police said.

Stanislav Shmulevich of Brooklyn was arrested on charges of criminal mischief and aggravated harassment, both hate crimes, police said.


Muslim activists had called on Pace University to crack down on hate crimes after the incidents. As a result, the university said it would offer sensitivity training to its students.


Treatment of the Quran is a sensitive issue for Muslims, who view the book as a sacred object and mistreating it as an offense against God. The religion teaches that the Quran is the direct word of God.


Ibrahim Hooper, a spokesman for the national CAIR office in Washington, D.C., has said the organization receives frequent reports of Quran desecrations in the United States, especially postings on Internet sites, but seldom makes them public.

He said CAIR decided to speak out about the Pace incidents because Muslim students are impacted by the creation of what could be viewed as a hostile campus environment.
From Dr. Andrew Bostom's July 31, 2007 commentary on the incidents at Pace University and provides some perspective:
...While there appears to be solid evidence that Stanislav Shmulevich did in fact subject a Koran (or Korans) to “toilet trauma”—including a surveillance photo of the defendant leaving a Pace University meditation room where Korans were stored, and his reported “admitting statements” to police—“Muslim activists”, i.e., the ubiquitous unindicted co-conspirators of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), admonished the university to “crack down on hate crimes” following the original incidents. But as Robert Spencer observed, aptly,
No one, of course, is calling upon those “Muslim activists” to take a strong stand against those Muslims who are justifying violence on the basis of the Koran....
As described by the late Indian scholar Sita Ram Goel, Koranic sanctioning of violence and hatred was the subject of a formal Petition filed in the Calcutta High Court on March 29, 1985. The plaintiffs maintained that the Koran, in violation of the Indian Penal Code, incited violence, disturbed the public tranquility, promoted feelings of enmity, hatred and ill-will between different religious communities, and insulted other religions or the religious beliefs of other communities in India. Their request for proscription of the Koran included three “annexures” documenting such Koranic injunctions, and divided into the following three categories:

verses which preached cruelty, incited violence and disturbed public tranquility (i.e., 2:193; 8:39; 2:216; 9:41; 9:123; 66:9; 9:73; 8:65; 8:66; 47:4—15; 8:12; 69:30—33; 8:15—18; 25:52; 9:39; 9:111; 3: 169—171; 4:100; 48:29; 49:15; 2:154; 3:157—158; 8:59—60; 9:2—3; 9:29; 8:67; 4:84; 29:6; 29:69; 61:9—13; 9:36; 9:5; 9:14; 9:20—22; 4:95—96; 8:72—74; 3:142)

verses which promoted, on grounds of religion, feelings of enmity, hatred and ill-will between different religious communities in India (i.e., 4:101; 60:4; 58:23; 9:7; 8:13—14; 8:55; 25:55; 5:72; 9:23; 9:28; 3:28; 3:118; 4:144; 5:14; 5:64; 5:18; 5:51)

verses which insulted other religions as well as the religious beliefs of other communities in India (i.e., 5:17; 4:157; 5:116—118; 98:6; 68:8—13; 38:55—57; 22:19—21; 22:56—57; 5:36; 15:2; 72:14—15;41:33; 4:125; 25:27—29; 26:96—99; 3:85; 8:38; 31:13; 29:41—42; 37:22—25; 37:26—32; 25:17—19; 7:173; 21:66—67; 21:98—100; 16:20—21; 6:22—23; 6:40—41; 6:148; 2;221; 24:3)
Look up those verses for yourself HERE.

By the way, Dearbornistan isn't the only American city which sees demonstrating Muslims. Check out THIS SLIDESHOW about last Saturday's demonstration in Anaheim, California. Anaheim was recently the site of these killings.

[Hat-tip to Michael for emailing me the above item by Debbie Schussel. His one-line commentary: As America turns into the Gaza strip]

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