Thursday, August 02, 2007

Last Week's Radio Show

I have to wonder if my Blog Talk Radio cohost WC knows what an adventure last week’s radio show was! If he reads this posting, he’ll be finding out.


Last Friday, Mr. AOW and I headed for upstate New York for his mother’s family’s reunion. I knew that I’d have to phone in to the show via cell phone, and I had it fully charged just for that purpose. Before the show was due to begin, I had hoped to have already arrived to our destination — the 1832 farmhouse where we were going to be staying for the festivities. As it turned out, however, we were well over one hour away when the time came for The Gathering Storm Report to go on the air.

Once at the wheel, Mr. AOW was having quite a problem staying awake, despite our having stopped for a few naps along the way. Throughout the show, I had to nudge him to keep him awake, watch the signs for our exit, talk to the interviewees, and at one point listen to a surprise caller chimed in around thirty-four minutes into the show and began chanting, “Allahu akbar!” and “Down with America” and "Praise Allah."

I’m a tenacious multi-tasker, probably as a result of having been in a school which used multi-age and multi-grade groupings. In addition, once I make a commitment, I stick to it — no matter the effect on my cortisol levels.

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posted by Always On Watch @ 8/02/2007 06:00:00 AM