Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Nice Matters Award

While I was away, Vorzheva of Spanish Pundit nominated me for the Nice Matters Award. I don't know that I'm always nice, but I do try to be civil.

Having received the award, it is my duty to nominate seven lady bloggers to receive the Nice Matters Award. Like "beauty," "nice" is a nebulous word; the meaning in the eye of the beholder.

I couldn't narrow my list down to seven, so I've chosen ten lady bloggers whose blogs I love to visit. Here are my awards, in no particular order:
Cube of The BLog


Monica of Grizzly Mama

Gayle of Dragon's Lady Den and Liberal Lunacy

My two sisters, The Merry Widow and Nanc of Long Range and It's Curtains for You...

Jungle Mom of The Jungle Hut

Brooke of Neoconcommand Center

Wild Thing of PC Free Zone

Mountain Mama

Kat of CatHouse Chat
I saw that Angel had already been named, so she's not included in the above list. But she's definitely on my list of nice lady bloggers. I'd also have named Raven, but she's on vacation.

Each you named above is supposed to choose seven lady bloggers to receive The Nice Matters Award. Happy nominating, should you choose to participate!

Addendum: Raven is back home! Take a look at the pictures she has posted.

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