Sunday, December 16, 2007

If Looks Could Kill

This photo of one of Hillary Clinton's unguarded moments reveals a lot about the woman and, possibly, the present status of the campaign of "She Who Would Be King," a gem of a phrase I found at Leatherneck M13, who stated the following:
Hillary's campaign seems to have made a crucial error in primary politics... running "nationally" and relying on national polls and the ridiculous, televised "debates" instead of pressing the flesh, eating rubber chicken and speaking anywhere 10 or more people are gathered. Instead, she assumed as the early front-runner... she didn't have to actually run.

That... and her campaign didn't see Obama coming.

I think I can smell panic in her just-announced, state-wide blitz in a "Hill-a-copter". That's sillier than her "Hil-raisers" which frequently turn out to be Chinese scam artists headed for prison. This is not the sound of a tight, professional campaign, it's more like she's running for student body president.
In addition to glares fit to chill the blood, Hillary Clinton has another way of revealing herself —that derisive laugh of hers. In "C'mon, Get Happy," an article which appeared in the December 14, 2007 edition of the Washington Post, Dana Milbank states the following in reference to the final Presidential debate before the Iowa caucuses:
[The other Democratic Party candidates] giggled like teenagers when Clinton said that "we do need a farm bill, and Tom Harkin's been working like a Trojan to get done." And they sensed a major story when Clinton interrupted one of Obama's answers with a burst of laughter. When Obama was asked how he would "rely on" so many of former president Bill Clinton's advisers, his wife cackled, then blurted out, "I want to hear that!"

"Well, Hillary, I'm looking forward to you advising me as well," Obama replied, and Clinton laughed again.

The cackle was the talk of the spin room after the debate....
The woman's laugh puts me in mind of the Three Witches' Chorus in Shakespeare's Macbeth:
Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn, and caldron bubble.
Attention, casting directors! If Hillary loses her front-runner status in Iowa, maybe you can audition her for a witch's part in Macbeth. What a casting coup that would be! She's sure to pack 'em in for the entire run of your theatre's version of Macbeth. Who knows? Maybe you can find a role for Bill, too!

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