Monday, December 17, 2007

Of All Times!

Blogging will likely be lighter than usual this week.

My building-contractor cousin has a break in his schedule and is coming today to paint the living room. No doubt, the living room in this old house desperately needs a fresh coat of paint. Twenty-five years have passed since the room last saw sanders, paint, brushes and rollers!
We were going to put up the Christmas tree yesterday. Instead, I spent day finishing off the securing of wall paintings (especially the oil painting which my paternal grandmother did), light switches, throw-pillows, and small furnishings, as well as the washing of glassware. Oh, my achin' back!

Now we'll have to wait until my cousin finishes the southeast corner of the room before putting up the Christmas tree. This year will see one mad dash to Christmas now! Never have we had such a chaotic run-up to Christmas!

The greatest difficulty of the next few days? How to manage Sheba, who is used to sleeping on her mat in the living room. She and the other girls — Dusti, Mysti, and Cameo — will be confined to the basement while my cousin is working. But I can't leave them down in that cold cellar all the time.

Mr. AOW and I will love having a beautiful living room for the family's Christmas Eve luncheon and gift exchange. Still, the next several days are going to be a hassle.


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posted by Always On Watch @ 12/17/2007 06:15:00 AM