Friday, February 15, 2008

What Does The Muslim Brotherhood Support?

For one thing, the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood seems to favor female genital mutilation:
The Religious Affairs Committee at the People's Assembly has discussed questions tabled by MB [Muslim Brotherhood] deputies al-Sayyid Askar and Ali Laban on the action taken by the Awqaf Ministry of printing and distributing booklets on the female circumcision. The two deputies made strong accusations to the Awqaf Ministry of squandering public funds by printing and distributing thousands of copies of a booklet that has already been printed twice under the provocative title of "female circumcision is not part of the Islamic rites."

The two deputies have also accused the Awqaf Ministry of violation of the constitution and law. MB Deputy Askar said that this title was in conflict with the consensus of the fiqh experts [Islamic jurisprudents] that female circumcision was one of Islam's rites.


Another member of the MB Parliamentary bloc Mahir Aql has warned against the danger of this campaign [against female genital mutilation] which seeks to undermine the Islamic Shari'ah....
Who gets the blame?
[S]uspect foreign bodies, some of which are Christian evangelical while the others were Jewish, were behind the financing of the campaign against female circumcision
[T]he government seeks from this [anti-FGM] campaign to uproot Islam in order to please the West and to appease the suspect Zionist-US organizations.
So, opposing the mutilation of girls and women is a conspiracy against Islam? Infidels and modern Muslims cannot agree that such a practice is barbarism?

Note: Today's edition of The Gathering Storm Radio Show will include a discussion of FGM with our guest Cassandra. Maybe Cassandra, WC, and I will be considered fatwah-worthy?

[Hat-tip to Pastorius, who notified me of this posting at Isaac Schrodinger]

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