Friday, March 07, 2008

Joy In Gaza

(With a hat-tip to Michael for the cited news article and the photo)

Suppose the photo below had shown the reaction to the shootings at Virginia Tech or at Northern Illinois University. Would there be outrage at such a reaction?

From this source:
Gaza: Thousands celebrate Jerusalem attack

Palestinians distribute sweets in celebration of Jerusalem terror attack as Hamas promises 'this is only the beginning'

Gaza's streets filled with joyous crowds of thousands on Thursday evening following the terror attack at a Jerusalem rabbinical seminary in which eight people were killed.

In mosques in Gaza City and northern Gaza, many residents went to perform the prayers of thanksgiving.

Armed men fired in the air in celebration and others passed out sweets to passersby.

Hamas stopped just short of claiming responsibility but issued a statement saying the group "blesses the (Jerusalem) operation...."

There's something wrong with anyone who rejoices in the murder of students. Period. I don't care what the driving ideology might be.

The next generation of "Palestinians" is, even now, being trained to hate and, later, to kill, as their young minds are imprinted with the murderous ideology propagated throughout the Middle East.

Now, much as I like Patrick Swayze (Dirty Dancing), I note this morning, the day after the atrocity in Jerusalem, that the mainstream media will not give similar sympathetic coverage over the murders of eight at a seminary. Furthermore, those murders represent something of much larger proportions and infinitely more significant than any celebrity news constantly being broadcast by the mainstream media.

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