Thursday, March 06, 2008

Missing Schoolchildren

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In Bradford, England, over thirty-three schoolchildren (mostly girls?) are missing, and the cause may be marriages arranged in Bangladesh. From the March 5, 2008 edition of the Daily Mail (UK):
Dozens of children are missing from school amid fears they have been forced into arranged marriages, it was revealed yesterday.

In Bradford, 33 children remain "unaccounted for" after being off school for at least two months with no explanation.

The Government is also concerned about another 14 areas of the country where it is feared children under 16 could also be missing from school rolls.

The figures were disclosed yesterday by Children's Minister Kevin Brennan during evidence to the Commons Home Affairs Select Committee, which is investigating the controversial issue of forced marriages.

He revealed the results of worrying inquiries by officials in Bradford, a city with a substantial Asian population....
I have no comment. I'll leave the commenting up to readers here.

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