Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Murders Of Amina & Sarah Said (Updated)

Other bloggers have been following the story of the murders of these two beautiful girls in the Dallas, Texas area, although I did post about the story HERE.

According to this source and this source, Yaser Said, the girls' father, remains the prime suspect. He is still on the loose, and the reward for his apprehension has been doubled.

Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs is one of the bloggers who have been following the story of the murders of Amina and Sarah Said. The following is an excerpt from Pamela's posting of April 20, 2008:
These girls trusted the West. These believed the West would save them. They believed that education would save them They poured themselves into school, were enrolled in many AP level classes. They played soccer, tennis, ......they got scholarships. They secretly went to certain teachers to express their terrible fear of their father.
Read the entire posting, which has numerous photos and links.

Also see this January 10, 2008 posting at Atlas Shrugs. The posting, with numerous photos and links, provides information about allegations of abuse on the part of Yaser Said. The man's history of accusations previous to the murders of his daughters is ugly and includes stories of physical and sexual abuse perpetrated on his daughters. Although the allegations of sexual abuse were later dropped, the girls' mother, at the time (Amina and Said were only seven and eight years old then) did sign an affidavit as to the truth of those allegations.

On Wednesday, April 23, at noon Eastern Daylight Time, Pamela will interview the girls' aunt on Blog Talk Radio to discuss the cover-up of an Islamic honor killing right here in the United States. Because of my work schedule, I won't be able to listen to the entire show live, but I will definitely be listening to the podcast.

UPDATE #1: Anyone with information on Mr. Said's whereabouts can call Crime Stoppers at 1-877-373-TIPS or go to this web site.

North Texas Crime Commission Said Fund.
1601 Elm Street,
Suite 2350
Dallas, Texas 75201

This posting shows pictures of Yaser Said.

UPDATE #2: Yaser Said's possible ties to Al Quaeda.

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