Friday, June 13, 2008

Weekly Radio Show: June 13 — The Islamic Saudi Academy & The U.S. Supreme Court

UPDATE: Ted Shoebat couldn't be with us after all, so WC and I devoted the hour to discussion Islamification in the United States.

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Friday, June 13 (60 minutes): Our guest at the bottom of the hour will be Ted Shoebat of the blog The Tedland Daily; he is the author of In Satan's Footsteps and the son of Walid Shoebat. Ted will discuss with us his book and his experiences with and observations on the educational system's whitewash of Islam.
Video about Ted Shoebat's book In Satan's Footsteps:

YouTube link

June 20: Bill Warner and Ellen R. Sheeley
June 27: Bosch Fawstin and Steven Bradley
July 4: Warren, Beakerkin, and possibly Mr. Beamish for a special Independence Day show.

You can listen to the June 13 edition of The Gathering Storm Radio Show live or later by CLICKING HERE.

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