Thursday, September 18, 2008

Anti-Dhimmitude In Grand Island, Nebraska

(Follow up to this story)

The JBS Swift Company gave in to Moslems' demands for Ramadan.

The next day, other workers at the facility aren't taking kindly to the company's dhimmitude:
...[A]ll the other workers of all cultures and nationalities have walked out in protest, just as they had in Greeley, CO nearly two weeks ago.
A compromise reached to accommodate prayer for about 500 Somalian meatpacking plant workers in Grand Island led to a counter protest of even more workers at the JBS Swift & Co. plant Wednesday.

Workers including Caucasians, Hispanics, Vietnamese, and African-Americans walked out after clocking in on the B shift shortly after 3 p.m. [A commenter to this news story says that the Sudanese were not with the Somalis, but with this group of counter-demonstrators]

The objection — a change in the break schedule that leaves B shift workers shorted of hours Monday through Friday and forces them to work Saturday to earn at least 40 hours of pay.

“The Somalians say they can only work three hours after sunset, so we’re supposed to work 7.3 hours a day Monday through Friday,” said Naomi Jakubowski. “We’re supposed to come in and make up the time on Saturday or be shorted at just 36 hours.”

“I don’t want to sacrifice my Saturdays with my kids — and I can’t raise ‘em on 36 hours of pay,” she said. “I’ve got rent, food and diapers to buy.”
Go read the rest at Refugee Resettlement Watch. Ann has much more information.

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