Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Rum-Flavored Ice Cream Is Offensive

To Moslems, of course, citing a violation of human rights. Even those in prison (hat-tip to Infidel Bloggers Alliance). An apology was demanded and received:
From Weasel Zippers:

UK: Jailed Cleric Abu Hamza Says Human Rights Violated After Being Served Rum Ice Cream, Prison Promptly Apologizes.....

Hate preacher Abu Hamza claimed his human rights were breached because he was served rum ice cream in prison.

The hook-handed cleric, 50, said the sweet broke halal rules because it contained alcohol.

A source at top-security Belmarsh jail in Woolwich, South East London, said: “It’s utterly barmy and a massive over-reaction — most prisoners would see it as a treat.

Other notorious terrorists in the jail — including dirty bomber Dhiren Barot, 35 — have joined the protest.

It is backed by a website linked to controversial lawyer Mudassar Arani.

The site said: “Muslims were provided with rum ice cream. This obviously contains alcohol and therefore could not possibly be deemed compatible with the Islamic faith.”

It also claimed that Muslims were given yoghurt containing traces of unsuitable products.

The site urged inmates to write to their MPs to complain their rights are being breached.

A Prison Service spokesman said yesterday: “Regrettably, non-halal food was offered in error. It was quickly substituted with appropriate halal alternatives.”

And who is Abu Hamza? He's the jihadomaniac with hooks for hands and a destroyed left eye. Read about him here and here. Note that he is the leader of the Supporters of Sharia group in the UK.

After all Abu Hamza has done to promote terrorism, he's worried about some rum flavoring in his ice cream?

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