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A Tale Of Two Columnists

Numerous bloggers and columnists have written reams about BHO's Olympic fail. Many of these writers have pointed out the personality flaws the Obamas showed in Copenhagen.

Despite all the noise about this recent failure, we do need to remember that BHO's Olympic fail is not an impeachable offense.

Nevertheless, the attitude of both BHO and his wife last week in Copenhagen does reveal traits which should cause all but the most dedicated Kool-aid drinkers to take notice.

George F. Will wrote in yesterday's Washington Post one of the best commentaries on the topic. Excerpt from "An Olympic Ego Trip":
In the Niagara of words spoken and written about the Obamas' trip to Copenhagen, too few have been devoted to the words they spoke there. Their separate speeches to the International Olympic Committee were so dreadful, and in such a characteristic way, that they might be symptomatic of something that has serious implications for American governance.

Both Obamas gave heartfelt speeches about . . . themselves. Although the working of the committee's mind is murky, it could reasonably have rejected Chicago's bid for the 2016 Games on aesthetic grounds -- unless narcissism has suddenly become an Olympic sport.
Mr. Will concludes his essay as follows:
Presidents often come to be characterized by particular adjectives: "honest" Abe Lincoln, "Grover the Good" Cleveland, "energetic" Theodore Roosevelt, "idealistic" Woodrow Wilson, "Silent Cal" Coolidge, "confident" FDR, "likable" Ike Eisenhower. Less happily, there were "Tricky Dick" Nixon and "Slick Willie" Clinton. Unhappy will be a president whose defining adjective is "vain."
Read the entire essay.

Richard Cohen's column in yesterday's Washington Post also addresses BHO's Olympic fail, but from a different perspective. Excerpt from "Does Obama Have the Backbone?":
Barack Obama's trip to Copenhagen to pitch Chicago for the Olympics would have been a dumb move whatever the outcome. But as it turned out (an airy dismissal would not be an unfair description), it poses some questions about his presidency that are way more important than the proper venue for synchronized swimming. The first, and to my mind most important, is whether Obama knows who he is.

This business of self-knowledge is no minor issue. It bears greatly on the single most crucial issue facing this young and untested president: Afghanistan. Already, we have his choice for Afghanistan commander, Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal, taking the measure of his commander in chief and publicly telling him what to do. This MacArthuresque star turn called for a Trumanesque response, but Obama offered nothing of the kind. Instead, he used McChrystal as a prop, adding a bit of four-star gravitas to that silly trip to Copenhagen by having the general meet with him there.

This is the president we now have: He inspires lots of affection but not a lot of awe. It is the latter, though, that matters most in international affairs, where the greatest and most gut-wrenching tests await Obama.
Mr. Cohen's column yesterday concludes as follows:
But the ultimate in realism is for the president to gauge himself and who he is: Does he have the stomach and commitment for what is likely to continue to be an unpopular war? Will he send additional troops, but hedge by not sending enough -- so that the dying will be in vain? What does he believe, and will he ask Americans to die for it? Only he knows the answers to these questions. But based on his zigzagging so far and the suggestion from the Copenhagen trip that the somber seriousness of the presidency has yet to sink in, we have reason to wonder.
Read the entire essay.

George F. Will and Richard Cohen are not close on the political spectrum with regard to many issues, with the former leaning right and the latter leaning left. Nevertheless, we see that both columnists recognize that BHO is not serving in a Presidential manner and that he lacks qualities necessary for governance.

BHO's political honeymoon is over. Yet to come is the divorce.

In a few weeks, Virginians will go to the polls to elect a new governor. Typically, this odd-year election is a good barometer of the upcoming mid-term Congressional elections. In a short time, we'll learn if the divorce proceedings have begun.

Note to friends and family: CLICK HERE for updates on Mr. AOW.

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