Thursday, December 11, 2008

Fearless Blogger Awarded To Always On Watch

My compatriot No Compromise has awarded this blogger the Blog Destemido–Fearless Blogger Award.

The Fearless Blogger Award is given to people who are not fearful of the consequences of blogging and who are fighting for their countries. The rules are as follows:

* first, to accept the award;

* second, to name the bloggers he/she is awarding it to;

* and third, to display the banner in a prominent place of his/her blog.

I humbly accept this award. Many bloggers out there are fearless and brave warriors for their country. And all of them are contributing to the upholding of our nation.

I cannot give all of these fearless bloggers the award. Therefore, I hereby bestow the Fearless Blogger Award upon the following five bloggers, in no particular order:

(1) Pastorius — for starting the Infidel Bloggers Alliance and for not mincing any words when it comes to combatting Islamofascism in this propaganda war. He lifts my spirits when I'm down, and I've been down a lot lately. In fact, as I think about it, all my compadres over at IBA deserve this award, but Pastorius most of all as he brought all of us at IBA together!

(2) WC — for sorting and collating the multitudinous erosions of our Western culture via the many types of jihads and for affording me the opportunity to cohost with him a weekly Internet radio show. Nobody vents his spleen like WC!

(3) Mustang — for his service in the United States Marine Corps and for penning thought-provoking essays which uphold conservative principles. He was my first cyber friend and taught me the basic principles of political blogging, so I'd likely not still be blogging if it were not for Mustang.

(4) The Merry Widow — for always upholding the Lord's Word and for applying it to current events. A prayer warrior extraordinaire, she knows that following the Lord's will is not a popularity contest.

(5) Mark Alexander — for sounding the warning cry about the dangers of Islam long before the rest of us had a clue and for continuing to sound the alarm in numerous languages at his web site. A UK citizen living across The Pond, he loves America, sadly, more than some of our own citizens do.

Pastorius, WC, Mustang, Merry Widow, and Mark, thank you for standing up for America and for being my fearless friends!

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posted by Always On Watch @ 12/11/2008 04:42:00 PM