Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Anarchy South Of The Border

Postpone that upcoming vacation in Mexico or living in a border state until consulting the map:

From this March 18, 2009 article in the Washington Post:
...A [dark] picture was presented by Denise Dresser, a Princeton-educated professor of political science in Mexico City, who warned that recent U.S. assistance in fighting drug trafficking has had only mixed success. Cocaine traffickers now spend more than twice the attorney general's budget just for bribes; 450,000 citizens are involved in the drug trade....

"Mexico is becoming a country where lawlessness prevails, where more people died in drug-related violence last year than those killed in Iraq, where the government has been infiltrated by the mafias and cartels it has vowed to combat," Dresser said. "Although many believe that Obama's greatest foreign policy challenges lie in Pakistan or Iran or the Middle East, they may in fact be found in the immediate neighborhood."


"Unfortunately, in the past six months, we have noted a troubling increase in the number of grenades . . . seized from or used by drug traffickers, and we are concerned about the possibility of explosives-related violence spilling into U.S. border towns," the Justice Department said...
Newsbleat makes the following observation in a post dated March 18, 2009:
Air Force Gen. Gene Renuart, who oversees U.S. military interests on both sides of the U.S.-Mexican border as the head of Northern Command, told the US Senate: “The Mexican government is taking aggressive action to win. They are building momentum. I would not say they are losing,” Renuart said when asked if the Calderon government was winning or losing.

A bunch of drug pushers fighting the entire Mexican military and police force, drug cartels versus the entire combined might of the Mexican government, and our expert general would not say if the Mexican government was winning or losing.

“I would not say they are losing”. Talk about having your tongue stuck between your teeth and your cheek…
Meanwhile, the BHO administration is working on a "Mexico plan." We've already seen how some of BHO's other "plans" have worked out.

Well, he WANTED the job of President, and he got it. Now what?

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