Sunday, March 08, 2009

Dangerous Thinking

From this letter to the editor of the Washington Post:
It is now up to us -- the people who voted for him -- to show massive support. It is up to us to put pressure on our senators and representatives to pass this budget.

If this budget fails, then it is we who have failed, not Mr. Obama.
Read the entire letter here.

Now consider the following information excerpted from the book Captive Hearts, Captive Minds by Madeleine Landau Tobias and Janja Lalich:
In cults and abusive relationships, those in a subordinate position usually come to accept the abuse as their fault, believing that they deserve the foul treatment or that it is for their own good. They sometimes persist in believing that they are bad rather than considering that the person upon whom they are so dependent is cruel, untrustworthy, and unreliable. It is simply too frightening for them to do that: it threatens the balance of power and means risking total rejection, loss, and perhaps even death of self or loved ones.

This explains why an abused cult follower may become disenchanted with the relationship or the group yet continue to believe in the teachings, goodness, and power of the leader.
Also see the following web site: Is Barack Obama the Messiah?

Let's go back to a year ago.

Video made before the November 4 election:

CNN video, February 15, 2008:

The signs of The Obama Cult were present. Like all cult followers, those caught up in the momentum of the cult did not see the danger signs — nor do BHO's followers and defenders see the danger signs now, as evidenced by the letter to the editor cited at the beginning of this post. How does one reason with these people?

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