Tuesday, March 03, 2009

How Far Away Is National Bankruptcy?

I offer this video for your consideration:

The blurb from YouTube:
Senator Judd Gregg told Sean Hannity tonight that the US economy is going bankrupt due to the massive spending by democrats. He wasn't kidding. He even repeated the claim.

Gregg is the former Commerce nominee for the Obama Administration.
From this source:

Director Blue's commentary, in part:
This thinly disguised form of class warfare, the policies of which many have termed socialism (fairly or unfairly), has had an indelible impact on the markets.

The markets represent the ultimate collective intelligence engine on the planet.

The markets continue to predict the outcome of Barack Obama's failed economic policies. That's why many now call him "The Depression President".

Sorry, drones. There are no do-overs.
Read all of Director Blue's post "The Wisdom of Crowds and Obamanomics" and see more graphs HERE.

Hope and change? The latter, but not the former.

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