Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Disappearing Bloggers

Several bloggers with whom I used to visit have either stopped putting up new posts or have deleted their blogs. Four examples:

1. The Sassy Tn't PoLITically InCorrect — No explanation offered.

2. Haid Da Salami — Please take the time read Jewel's tribute and Haid's response HERE.

3. Debonair Dude DD2 — Read his farewell post HERE.

4. The Hill Chronicles, The New Moral Compass, and Zeeva David — all penned by Layla.

Why the vanishing acts?

In my view, the reasons are several. I'll discuss three below.

First, many conservative bloggers gave up in discouragement after BHO gained the White House and the Democratic Party gained the majority in our Congress. I didn't quit blogging because I was prepared for BHO to win the election. After all, the signs of his impending victory were everywhere, and I could feel the groundswell as I watched normally sane people succumbed to his charisma and utopian message. I was less prepared for the overturn of our Congress and did consider quitting my efforts in the blogosphere; good or bad, such quitting is against my stubborn nature. Apparently, however, the combination of losing both the White House and the Congress was simply too much for some bloggers. I do understand why and will not criticize those who decided to depart the blogosphere. I also note that even my cohost WC has ceased posting every day although he does try to post at least once a week (instead of every day), co-hosts a weekly radio show, and continues to send out his weekly e-newsletter, for which anyone can sign up HERE.

Second, some bloggers had personal reasons for leaving. In some cases, we don't know the personal reason, so we are left to speculate. For example, Beamish disappeared for a short while (seemed like forever), citing vaguely-stated personal reasons. Then (Joyous Day!), Beamish suddenly resurrected his blog The Crank Files, albeit a constantly metamorphosizing site. Ogre, on the other hand, ceased posting but kept his original blog up on the web; he has written once or twice more after posting "The Four Boxes of Freedom and a Goodbye", an important read as it addresses more than blogging itself. Others I know decided that blogging was a waste of time and have chosen to take up other pursuits. Still others are having financial difficulties such that they cannot afford the time or money required to keep a blog going.

Finally, some bloggers have family issues with regard to blogging. Specifically, Layla has had to flee the blogosphere because of the ire of her Muslim son, who feels that her writing violates his and his father's honor. Personal harassment from a family member is a powerful factor behind the scenes for most bloggers, and, many times, bloggers find that blogging is not worth the hassle.

Occasionally, a blogger stops posting for a long while but returns when the real-life workload eases up. Such was the case with Mustang of Social Sense, who stopped posting for several months a while back. Mustang was my first cyber friend, so I grieved when he wasn't posting. I am so grateful that he now posts almost every day as I value his thoughtful essays! Raven of And Rightly So took a similar hiatus for a while. These days, she's posting regularly, but I suspect that, due to a combination of discouragement with the political scenario and a desire to spend more time with her family, she may retire for good in the near future. I hope I'm wrong. I also hope that if she does retire from political blogging she will continue to post at her personal site. Recently, The Merry Widow has ceased posting on a regular basis. As she stops by here regularly, I'll let her state her reasons herself. Warren of Long Range is too busy working multiple jobs to post much, but he still reigns as tech advisor, administrator, and graphics expert for several sites and his blogging friends.

We bloggers often count fellow bloggers as friends to visit with every day. But just as in the non-virtual world, sometimes our friends stop communicating much or they disappear from our blogging lives. The cutting back or departure of these friends, no matter why they made their decision, leaves a hole which can never be filled as each and every blogger offers readers a unique message and an individual voice.

As Haid advised his readers when he began his web site:
...This weblog is a lot like western civilization or modern life as we know it. Just because it’s here today, that’s no guarantee it will be here tomorrow.
Worth keeping in mind.

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