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Elitist, Arrogant BHO Demands Commoners Be Banned At Normandy Commemoration (UPDATED AND CORRECTED)

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On the 65th Anniversary of D-Day!

From this posting at Weasel Zippers:
The few remaining survivors of D-Day will not be allowed to tour the grounds where their fellow soldiers died in defense of the free world...
A few details:
Barack Obama will attend the events on June 6th as George Bush did in 2004 for the sixtieth memorial service. Here is the rub, as of now Obama’s State Department has asked (read demanded) the French government not allow tour guide services to operate that day. It is a big day for Normandy tourism. Yet, the king will not allow those not connected with government to enjoy the day. Obama is very important you know. This is an unprecedented request. I hope the French come to their senses and deny it.

Compare that with 2004. Security was tight as President Bush and other world leaders were in attendance, but the event was still open to all. A friend relayed the story of waiting in line to use a port-a-potty (a French port-a-potty no doubt, yuck, believe me.) She looks to her left and who he is in the next line waiting patiently? President Bush. Sure he had Secret Service nearby, but he waited like everyone else.

Contrast that with Team Obama not even allowing regular people near Colleville-Sur-Mer that day. A shame indeed. Especially as the last of our WW II vets are expiring.


It’s as if Obama has to let it be known that he is more important than honoring the events and the 9,387 mostly young Americans who died invading Normandy 65 years ago. Will Obama apologize for American actions during WW II at the event?
Read more details HERE.

Two of my cousins, both in their late teens in 1944, served in that battle. Both came home, but neither was right, physically or mentally, from that time on. One died of a massive coronary at age 39, the other at age 44. They left behind their widows and their young children.

In a few weeks, BHO will go to the place where these two young men from my family, both commoners from a dirt-poor family, were changed for the worse forever. They never complained, not even once. They volunteered before the draft notice arrived. They wanted to serve. They wanted to beat back the Nazis.

If my cousins were still living and commoners, BHO wouldn't want them present for the commemoration of D-Day? Unconscionable.

BHO will likely speak at that site with his chin tipped up in the air like Mussolini. A tin god. A messiah wannabe. An arrogant elitist, who once promised that he would be the President of all the people. He clearly is NOT!

I'm sick of his arrogance and elitism. Sick of , sick of it, sick of it! Sick and tired of it!

Barack Obama deciding to come to Normandy at the last minute, after his return from Egypt, has forced public tour companies to cancel their bookings for June 6th without warning. My original source blamed this on the US State Department when in fact it was the French government itself that made this decision.

I have learned from a follow-up source, that while it is unprecedented for the late notice, this would have most likely been the protocol in any case.

A bit less scandalous than first reported.
I still maintain that BHO is elitist and arrogant. Why the decision to come to Normandy at the last minute, particularly on the 65th anniversary of D-Day? Is not the 65th anniversary a milestone? And was BHO's visiting Normandy an afterthought?

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