Friday, June 19, 2009

More On BHO's Firing Of Inspector General Walpin

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My earlier post on this topic is HERE.

BHO broke his own law, a law he sponsored, when he fired Inspector Walpin.

Video below the fold:

Excerpt from the text at YouTube:
Obama fires Gerald Walpin for "no" reason. He was just doing his job investigating AmeriCorps money that went to a community group called St. HOPE Academy, which was founded by Kevin Johnson, former point guard of the Phoenix Suns, who was elected Mayor of Sacramento last November, and who just happens to be a buddy of Obama's. Does it not seem strange that Obama would fire someone who was investigating a friend of his?

Anyone who paid attention to the election last year knows what is happening; it's called Chicago politics at its finest. And it seems that Obama is a pro at it. Does Obama think that he can get away with something like this? The answer is yes. The fact of the matter is that any President can get away with anything up to and including murder, if the news media does not cover it, or they bury it in the back pages....
Has BHO committed an impeachable offense by firing Inspector General Gerald Walpin? If so, will this Congress care?

It is worth noting that GWB's firing of several U.S. attorneys did elict much media outrage. Where is that media outrage over BHO's recent actions along similar lines?

Additional reading: "Treasury Department Challenges Independence of TARP Inspector General." Excerpt:
The Obama administration’s disputes with government watchdogs do not end with fired Inspector General Gerald Walpin. Behind the scenes, the Treasury Department is embroiled in a disagreement with Neil Barofsky, the watchdog for the $700 billion government bailout Troubled Asset Relief Program, or TARP.


As part of his duties performing audits and keeping tracking TARP dollars, Barofsky asked the Treasury Department for some documents about a financial institution receiving tens of billions in taxpayer bailout dollars. The Treasury Department refused to hand them over...
More than one scandal brewing for the BHO administration?

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