Saturday, June 13, 2009

Why Did BHO Fire Inspector General Gerald Walpin?

From this posting at Maggie's Notebook:
The Inspector General investigating AmeriCorps and other national service programs has been fired, and may have been fired for revealing misdeeds involving thousands of taxpayer dollars by an Obama supporter. There's more: the way in which Obama handled the firing may have flown in the face of current law....
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And So I Go: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow has more:
What did the Inspector General do to get canned by the President? Well for one thing he is investigating ACORN....

The Inspector General’s Office is part of the Department of Commerce and one of the Inspector Generals Office’s most important jobs is to monitor the Census that is taken every 10 years....
Read it all HERE.

You decide: Is BHO trying to cover up something?

Meanwhile, BHO is on his never-ending "campaign trail" — this time, promoting healthcare reform. Let's hope (cough) that he's more successful with that endeavor than he has been with various bailouts.

Additional reading: Michelle Malkin's Obama’s Americorps scandal — and the First Lady’s meddling. Excerpt:
President Obama is hoping you won’t notice his abrupt change of inspectors general over at Americorps, the government-run, taxpayer-subsidized “community service” boondoggle (which Republicans helped expand as part of the $6 billion GIVE/SERVE Act in March despite its wasteful track record. Thanks, Republicans).

With intervention from Michelle Obama, the Americorps inspector general was given the boot and replaced — for doing his job too well, it seems, and uncovering squandering of funds by favored contributors, educational institutions, and left-wing groups....
Read the rest HERE.


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