Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The Truth About Islam And African Slavery

From Ahmad's Quran 3:

So, who should be making the reparations for slavery, if indeed any reparations should be made at all?

It seems to me that calls for reparations have been shouted out in the wrong direction. After all, Islam institutionalized slavery, and Saudi has big bucks.

Note: WC and I also interviewed IQ al Rassooli about this topic on the July 31, 2009 edition of The Gathering Storm Radio Show. You can listen to that show HERE.

I wonder how BHO feels about his being an abid, by dint of his African ancestry. Indeed, if he had lived in a different era, he might well have been swept up in a Moslem slave-trading wave and castrated. Makes his bow to the Saudi king all the more ironic, don't you think?

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posted by Always On Watch @ 8/05/2009 06:44:00 AM