Sunday, November 22, 2009

Your Sunday Funny

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Via a link at this posting at Right Klik, a little satire for this Sunday:


Actually, I wouldn't be surprised to see BHO bow to the Burger King. After all, BHO is infatuated with bowing to heads of state, never mind that it is not American to bow to royalty.

And check out this reaction from the Chinese people:
BEIJING (AP) - State media heralded President Barack Obama's maiden trip to China as a triumph, but ordinary Chinese were largely shielded by their government from his most critical remarks and activists were disappointed by the measured tone of those they did hear.

One blogger even pined for the tough line taken by former President George W. Bush.

"Like a star rushing from one show to another, Obama has come and gone, without stirring the slightest ripples," blogger Zhao Dezhu wrote in an online post.

Zhao, who writes a popular blog and twitters under the name Hecaitou, said the visit made him miss Bush who "couldn't speak with flowery language and even made grammatical mistakes but spoke as plainly as an American farmer."

Obama, by contrast, speaks "with sweet but empty words."
Nevertheless, on goes BHO bowing and scraping to the leaders of foreign nations. Reaching out and all that.

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