Monday, March 29, 2010

Two Requests Of My Readers

I. Mr. AOW, recovering at home from his stroke of September 15, 2009, is an avid collector of jokes and is looking for new material, particularly jokes he can read to his family and friends over the phone. He also likes pictorial jokes to add to his collection.

Mr. AOW is an equal-opportunity humorist. In other words, he satirizes everybody.

He especially loves one-liners and other short jokes!

If you have some good jokes to share, please send them to me. My email address toward the top of the sidebar.

You are also welcome to add your jokes in comments here, provided that the jokes are not "too tasteless" (whatever that means).

II. Another topic now....At the suggestion of my friend GM Roper, my webmaster Warren has added a tips button to my sidebar. All donations will be used to defray Mr. AOW's astronomical medical expenses. Mr. AOW does have health insurance, but the policy is one of a high deductible and very limited pharmacy coverage. Mr. AOW is still awaiting any payment from Social Security Disability. We hate asking for money, but at this point, pride is taking a back seat. Stroke has a way of making pride vanish.

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