Monday, March 26, 2007

Two Emails

Both LionHeart and I received the following emails, quoted word-for-word, from

You need to listen to this very carefully! In order to stay in this
violent, wicked, devilish, country like this you need to remove this blog,
remove the information you put on.

You are embarrassing you self and the public of my and your Country.
Statements like these will cause hatred and the hatred that we really don't
want anywhere in this world. Mine and your job is to create unity in this
world not to make it more violent.

Stop your foolishness and live like a human rather than an animal. I, my
self studied Islam is a peaceful religion, it shows you to go on the right
path. Investigate it and (if God Willing) it will head you on the right way,
now I値l state here a link ( ) where you can investigate and learn more
about Islam and Christianity, this link will take you to the website where
you can watch videos of the Christians converts that explains everything you
need to understand.
Unlock your ignorance of this beautiful faith, end-of-day it is your
decision but we are all human beings and you should not make a statements
like this again in the future it is not right to discriminate anyone no one
is perfect. Live your life in peace people who are creating conflicts will
never succeed and God will curse them you must know that.

Thank You for your attention.


promise me not to encourage such an idea, think about your own family.
please download the three last videos i.e

Purpose of life part 1 - khalid yaasin here....

Purpose of life part 2 - khalid yaasin here....

Purpose of life part 3 - khalid yaasin here....
At WC's suggestion, I invited "ultimate orgnization" to call into The Gathering Storm Radio Show. No such call arrived.

I'm not sure, but I suspect my comment to this article by LionHeart is what prompted "ultimate organization" to send me the above emails. Those interested might want to take a look at that lengthy essay by LionHeart UK.


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