Thursday, December 20, 2007

Mocking The Birth Of Jesus

Via this posting by JR of THE ASTUTE BLOGGERS:

YouTube link, which provides this blurb summing up the commercial:
We open on the nativity scene as the 3 wise men place their gifts inside the manger. There's a pregnant pause. Suddenly, one by one, the gifts are thrown out of the manger. The wise men look on in disbelief. Joseph and Mary look to each other with a blank expression.
Would any advertising company dare to design a commercial mocking Muhammad? Can't you just see the outrage which would ensue?

As JR of THE ASTUTE BLOGGERS sardonically stated:
Christians worlwide have of course gone on a rampage, trashed all the firm's stores and called for the beheading of all staff of the advertising agency. And the political Left have defended them for doing so -- saying that their feelings had been hurt and it was all due to poverty anyway.
The news article about the commercial is HERE.

No, this is not my Christmas posting! It will go up tomorrow when I post as part of the Carnival of Christmas 2007, hosted next week by CatHouse Chat. Bloggers interested in participating can find the pertinent information HERE.

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