Sunday, January 13, 2008

"Blogger Of The World"

Thanks to my web sister Nanc, who has named me as a Blogger of the World.

Below, in no particular order, are my choices for Bloggers of the World (in addition to Nanc, of course). I've tried to choose a few sites with which my regular readers might not be familiar and hope that regular readers here will take a look at any sites unfamiliar to them.

Mustang: My first and dearest cyberfriend, whose site Social Sense is one erudite place. If you want to read thought-provoking essays. Mustang's site is a must-read for readers who use their brains.

Warren: My web brother, dear friend, and avatar designer, and the founder of Long Range, straightens out my web-site and HTML issues, with infinite patience. As Beak says, "Warren is everybody's best friend."

WC: My radio partner and the author of the The Gathering Storm e-Book and of the web site The Gathering Storm. I still don't know WC's secret as to how to find the information which he ferrets out.

Seth: The analytic writer of essays over at Hard Astarboard and the ultimate bestower of bear hugs. Seth has a way with words and offers insightful commentary.

Mark Alexander: My good friend, author of the book The Dawning of a New Dark Age: A Collection of Essays on Islam, and extensive cataloguer of the Islamization of Western culture, and the author of the web sites A New Dark Age Is Dawning and The Shrewd Economist. I count Mark as one of my all-time best friends.

Jason: Liberty and Culture is another of those erudite sites I frequent and, thankfully, one of the first I found when I started blogging. If you care about the Islam's ideological threat to Western civilization, Jason's site is a must-read, particularly the articles and major posts listed on his sidebar.

Gary Alexander: His site, Leatherneck M 31, offers conservative and patriotic commentary on "a world gone mad." Nobody dissects Hillary beter than Gary! A veteran, Mr. Alexander has posted his biography here.

Beakerkin: His site, The Beak Speaks, is home to me. When I was just an upstart back in 2005, Beak took me in and introduced me to his community of long standing via "the electronic bar." It is a a rare day that I don't stop by Beak's site.

The Merry Widow: The other of my web sisters, TMW is on sabbatical right now. But when her site up and running, nobody bests her for variety of posts, including commentary, recipes, and Bible study. I look forward to the end of her sabbatical.

Mr. Ducky: The leftist dissenter who frequents this blog. He qualifies because, even though he is often wrong in my view, he's ever willing to jump into the fray and take the unpopular position.

Angel: Her site, Woman Honor Thyself, offers political satire and analysis, along with integrated graphics for each posting. Angel's stories are both hard-hitting and a pleasure to read.

Big Dog: Retired veteran, staunch patriot, and webmaster of Big Dog's Weblog, he slams liberalism, which he views as a disease eating away at the fabric of our society. If you've never read his essays, you are missing out!

Shah Alexander: Political analyst from Japan and founder of the web site Global American Discourse, Shah has taught me so much about world issues of which I was previously quite ignorant. He is my blog friend on the other side of the world.

Raven: Having become frustrated with the political shennanigans and the toxicity of the political blogosphere, she (formerly of And Rightly So) now runs a life-blogging site called Just Raven. Her recipies and photographs are not to be missed!

Sons of Apes and Pigs: A must-visit web site revealing the truth about Islam, from the Egyptian-Copt perspective. Visit that site for material you've never before known of.

All of my team members over at Infidel Bloggers Alliance, most of all Pastorius, who founded the site. IBA rocks!

All of my team members over at THE ASTUTE BLOGGERS, most of all Reliapundit, who founded the site. TAB offers analysis and stories which the lamestream media neglect or gloss over.

I'll end my list now. As a networker, I could go on and on! Apologies to any of my favorite blogs I may have omitted.

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