Monday, July 14, 2008

On Fox News Channel This Morning

In a discussion about the recent cover of the New Yorker magazine, Brian Kilmeade, one anchor of Fox and Friends, said, "I've been on the Internet. It's a scary place."

Yeah, Brian. We bloggers are scary, all right. Get used to it.

I decided to send "Fox and Friends" an email:
In the first hour of today's show, Brian said, "I've been on the Internet. It's a scary place."


The blogosphere is neither perfect nor always accurate. We aren't professional journalists, after all. Nevertheless, it would behoove the mainstream media to do some reading of certain sites on the web and stop ignoring the valid stories which break and are discussed in the blogosphere -- the stories which you will not tell or cover in any depth.

I hope that you understand that the mainstream media is losing credibility -- and why.

We bloggers are the pamphleteers of the Twenty-first Century. Get used to it.

~ Always On Watch


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posted by Always On Watch @ 7/14/2008 08:26:00 AM