Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Mike Wallace Interview Of Ayn Rand (1959)

(Hat tip to Evil Conservative)

Oftentimes, leftists accuse conservatives of being "Randians" or "Randoids," referring, of course, to Objectivism. Never having waded through Rand's epic work Atlas Shrugged, I admit that I don't have extensive knowledge of Objectivism and have sometimes been puzzled by the accusation.

Earlier today, I stumbled across a series of three videos, each approximately ten minutes in length. I am posting them for your perusal and commentary. I hope that you'll watch each selection as some of Ms. Rand's words have significance today, some fifty years after this interview was filmed.

Disclaimer: My posting of this interview of Ayn Rand should not be construed as my subscribing to the philosophy of Objectivism. As a Christian, I clearly do not hold with her views on faith.

Note to Duck, frequent user of the term Randoid: Try not to molt!

Part One:

Part Two and Part Three of the interview are below the fold. Part Two is particularly interesting in these times of economic turbulence.

Part Two:

Part Three:

Evil Conservative, at whose site I found the above videos, states the following:
In Ayn Rand's first television interview, she talks to Mike Wallace about self-interest, the efficiency of free markets, and the dangers of the government welfare state. If I didn't know better, I would almost think that she had traveled backward 50 years from today before she gave this interview - she's that dead-on.

Not being an atheist, I don't consider myself an Objectivist. That being the case, I sincerely think I would prefer a government led by atheist Objectivists to a government run by liberal "Christians."
I concur, as many "liberal Christians" are, in effect, utopianists. And so are caliphate-yearning Moslems, for that matter.

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