Monday, August 17, 2009

Health Insurance Nightmare

Short video of particular interest to me (hat tip to Hard To Swallow):

As of this past spring, after long months of searching options and filing applications, this household of two has two individual, high-deductible policies.

Indeed, such catastrophic-coverage policies are the only kinds of policies that Mr. AOW and I can afford. Specifically, the monthly premium for Mr. AOW is nearly $500, mine nearly $200. Mr. AOW and I are close in age. Why the difference in premiums?

Mr. AOW has the dreaded pre-existing conditions, all under control and being treated successfully for well over ten years; he has never been hospitalized for any of his pre-existing conditions. Furthermore, because of the economy and Mr. AOW's age, he is unable to work enough to pay the monthly premium for his policy right now.

ObamaCare would force us into a higher priced policy! UNACCEPTABLE!

Mr. AOW lost his job of some twelve years in January 2008 because the employer-based policy was costing a business suffering a downturn which required cutting back on expenses. Said employer, therefore, laid off Mr. AOW and several others. The company then hired younger workers who opted out of the health insurance plan offered by the company.

My income and assets, pitiful as they are, precludes my husband's option of going onto Medicaid. We are faced with the situation that a divorce would solve the health-insurance problem for Mr. AOW and our financial future. Disclaimer: no divorce proceedings have been investigated or initiated.

Should ObamaCare as outlined in the above short video become law, I wonder how many others will face a situation similar to this household's.

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