Friday, February 02, 2007

The Frying Pan As Weapon

The Merry Widow, who often mentions using her frying pans, will love this story!

Photo from the Washington Post

To the left is pictured Gary Peterson, who came face to face with a teenager on a tear in D.C., where gun ownership on the part of the average citizen is against the law. Mr. Peterson grabbed the nearest weapon and successfully defended his home against the invader.

From this article in the February 2, 2007 Washington Post:
Gary and Trudy Peterson had finished dinner the other night when they heard what sounded like a wild police chase outside their Capitol Hill rowhouse.

Gary Peterson, a retired lawyer, opened his back door and saw a helicopter overhead and dozens of police officers near his house. Then he saw a teenager run into his yard -- a youth who, unbeknownst to Peterson, was suspected of committing an armed robbery and shooting at police.

"He's in here!" Peterson yelled to the officers from his back porch.

Suddenly, the teenager darted into Peterson's kitchen. And then, at 9:30 Wednesday night, the two were face to face.

Without thinking, Peterson grabbed a copper frying pan and smacked the youth on the head.


Once the intruder went into the basement, Peterson told his wife to push her back against the basement door so the invader could not get back upstairs. He unlocked the front door and told his wife to go out back, and police led him and his English setter, Beall, to safety.
A standoff ensued, and the teenager was eventually taken into custory.

Commander Groomes of the D.C. Police Department has called Mr. Peterson a hero.

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