Tuesday, March 27, 2007

"A Former Jihadist Speaks Out"

Or so that segment of the March 25, 2007 broadcast of Sixty Minutes was entitled. Watch the video of Hassan Butt's interview? What are those evil deeds of which Hassan spoke? Possibly the following gives a clue.


Excerpt from one of LionHeart's recent postings:
Jihad has been underway in Luton for many years with the Pakistani Moslems of Luton now being upper most in strength and over the past few years they have turned their attention towards Dunstable and turned it into a money making out-post and are actively conducting Jihad against the community forcing the non-Moslem population into Dhimmitude so they can have an unhindered reign of Our community. It is Our sons and daughters who are the most at risk from these savages and they need protecting from them.

The top echelons of the Luton Pakistani Moslem street Jihad with Class A drugs, prostitution, high level fraud and all other related crime are from the Khan family. Whever it is Nigel Khan, Killer Khan or any other Khan related, these are the top echelons who are connected to their Al Qaeda brothers who they recieve their Afghani Heroin from.

The main Pakistani Moslem leaders of the Khan mafia have the Islamic crescent moon branded to their forheads, necks or hands so you cannot miss them....


I spoke to a very good witness yesterday who used to go to school with Des' girlfriend who he has 3 children with. I was told that she had her first child when she was at school between the ages of 13 - 14 and before she had left school she had, had her second which was by the time she was 16. This poor young child had to tell everyone she was raped obviously to take the heat off of the Pakistani Moslem paedophile father of the child who had impregnated her while she was still a child.

Those of us who know of the threat Our daughters face from these Moslem beasts will know that this type of behaviour is common place from the Moslem community aimed at the dirty kuffar (non-Moslem) community. Our children need protecting from these Moslem beasts who are living amongst us, imagine if that poor young girl was your daughter!

It is common knowledge throughout the whole Town that you can buy Heroin & Crack cocaine from this fast food shop, you can even call for your chicken and chips and have your drugs delivered at the same time. This is how blatant they are operating their Moslem drug dealing operation in my Christian community with the police doing absolutely nothing to stop it.

Young male and female children from the local school...are potentially the next generation drug addicted Dunstable Moslem drug and sex slaves...
Read the entire essay.

Are these the kinds of actitivites to which Hassan Butt was referring in his interview on Sixty Minutes? Before you say, "No way!" take time to read this, which contains the following paragraph:
Luton is the frontline in Islam and Al Qaeda's war against Britain and is an example for every other Muslim community across the country. The Muslim community of Luton gave permission for the bombers to set out from here that day because they know how strong and how capable they are of protecting and defending themselves here.


Luton played a central role in the terrorist attacks of 7/7 and continues to be a hotbed of terror to this day.

I challenge anyone who disagrees or who is interested in finding out the truth to travel to Luton and see with your own eyes.
Oh, and one more thing....It was LionHeart's blog which Ultimate Organization insisted be taken down immediately.

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