Sunday, March 18, 2007

A Gathering Of Eagles: "Win The War Or Lose To Jihad"

The title for this posting reflects one sign which participants in A Gathering Of Eagles were carrying yesterday. For my husband and me, as well as for others who were part of A Gathering of Eagles, those words sum up what's at stake for all of Western civilization.

This video will give you an idea as to what we saw and heard yesterday:

See all those American flags? All those American flags waving in the strong breeze made it easy to locate where we supposed to assemble yesterday once we arrived to the general area for our rally of Eagles.

A few of the anti-war protesters were carrying our nation's flag. But many were not; instead, they opted to carry peace signs or the signs of other nations. Furthermore, many of the protesters wore Muslim face-scarves. Carrying his sign saying "Veteran," my husband harassed some of the protesters who were clearly not those who love America: "Why are you wearing a mask? Ashamed to show your face? You should be!"

At the Gathering of Eagles Rally, for the first time since his service long ago in the army, my husband had strangers come up to him and thank him for serving. I can't tell you the emotions which that simple "Thank you" evoked in my husband's heart!

My back problems forced me to leave the downtown area before the Communists and other moonbats marched to the Pentagon. But others with whom we went — including Steve Harkonnen, cofounder of Anti-CAIR, Eavesdropper, and Maccus Germanis — stayed all day long. We reunited afterwards at the house of one of the 910 Group's members for chili and good company including that of Baron Bodissey, who joined us for dinner. Baron's first report, with excellent photographs, is HERE. Don't miss it! Also be sure to visit Mike's America for several reports. He has pictures too!

I want to thank Steve, Eavesdropper, Maccus Germanis, The City Troll, and Monica (and others who came with them) for taking the time yesterday morning to gather at my house before catching Metro to go downtown to A Gathering of Eagles. Patriots all!

According to this source, 30,000 Eagles gathered yesterday, and
Fox News reported today that the anti-war protesters had significantly less than they expected. However, they are erroneously reporting that the Eagles were there in “equal numbers”. The truth is that we outnumbered them [ANSWER] by at least three to one!
Yes, mission accomplished!

Addendum: Go to this index at Maverick News Media to see some more write-ups and lots of pictures, including one with Michelle Malkin.

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