Friday, March 16, 2007

Levitate The Pentagon?

Because of the upcoming demonstration tomorrow, both the anti-war protest (Cindy Sheehan is in town, along with many others) and the counter-protest A Gathering of Eagles (of which I'll be a part), I expected today's Washington Post to carry an article or two about those events.

I well remember that October 21, 1967 march protesting the Vietnam War, but I'd forgotten about this:

The National Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam -- an umbrella organization of peace groups and radical organizations -- vowed to shut down the Pentagon with the greatest antiwar protest in history.

Among their number was Abbie Hoffman, co-founder of the yippies, who announced plans to levitate the Pentagon 300 feet, using the psychic energy of thousands of protesters.


...Hoffman, dressed in an Uncle Sam hat and by his own admission tripping on acid, went about his efforts to raise the building by leading protesters in chants.
Did the protestors on that day really believe that they could levitate the Pentagon? If so, they found out otherwise.

The last two paragraphs of today's article in the Washington Post:
Protest leaders, learning lessons from the 1967 march, said they are taking pains to show no disrespect to soldiers this weekend.

And the Pentagon is not likely to rise in the air. Said Amelia McDonald, a protest organizer, "We're not trying to levitate it."
I guess that the 1967 anti-war protesters learned their lesson about levitation. But they haven't learned their lesson about showing the proper respect to our military. They just say that they have.

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