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Inviting In The Enemy

Our State Department is playing the dhimmi and endangering all of us. Requirements for visas have been relaxed so as to allow Wahhabist-trained imams to come into the United States.

From the August 14-20, 2007 edition of Insight Magazine (subscription required):

Hundreds of Islamic fundamentalist clerics have been allowed to enter the United States to take over mosques in major cities. The clerics come from countries such as Egypt, Jordan and Pakistan and have been influenced by al Qaeda. Many are fresh graduates from Saudi-financed Wahhabi seminaries....
According to the article, hundreds of these imams with radical training are already here and teaching in mosques in our major cities, including locations in New York, New Jersey, Michigan, and the Washington, D.C. area. Several of these imams are graduates of Cairo's Al Azhar University, which has ties to Al Qaeda, and of various seminaries in Pakistan. Furthermore, despite warnings from various law-enforcement officials and the National Intelligence Estimate, our State Department continues to pursue this import-the-imams agenda.

Even our FBI is supportive of bringing in these imams:
At this point, the FBI, which has played down links between Muslim extremists and white supremacists, has not tried to stop the influx of the imams. Instead, the agency has sought to expand its public relations campaign to change Muslim perceptions of U.S. law enforcement and recruit Muslims to the FBI.

"We, within the FBI, are trying to break down a lot of barriers and create a different brand about the FBI within the Arab-American and Muslim American community," said Gwen Hubbard, chief of the FBI's National Recruitment and Marketing unit.
For at least the past three decades, Wahhabism has been funding the building and renovation of mosques throughout the West. Mosques established well before the Wahhabist push have undergone change in their direction and their leadership. A possible tip-of-the-iceberg example, buried in the local secion of the August 16, 2007 edition of the Washington Post:
For over 25 years Farzad Darui [former manager at the Islamic Center of Washington, the city's oldest mosque]...has been dedicated to preventing radical fundamentalists from taking over Washington D.C.'s Islamic Center," one of the briefs begins.


According to Darui's filings, the Saudi government was funneling money secretly to Khouj. The filings don't explicitly give a reason but assert a Saudi desire to control the influential mosque.
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In his June 2007 speech at the D.C. Islamic Center, President Bush took off his shoes and stated the following, which gives credence to some of the content in the Insight article:
...Today I am announcing a new initiative that will improve mutual understanding and cooperation between America and people in predominately Muslim countries.

I will appoint a special envoy to the Organization of the Islamic Conference. This is the first time a President has made such an appointment to the OIC. (Applause.) Our special envoy will listen to and learn from representatives from Muslim states and will share with them America's views and values. This is an opportunity for Americans to demonstrate to Muslim communities our interest in respectful dialogue and continued friendship....
In my own experience, when I drive around the D.C. area and travel to other areas of the United States I have noticed the proliferation and renovation of mosques and hal-al markets sprouting up all over the place. I suspect that you've noticed the same in your area and in your travels.

Not so long ago, I met with a Jordanian who told me of a mosque he had visited in our Heartland. The mosque had been built several decades ago and had recently undergone a huge renovation. And guess what was on the materials table? Books and videos of Wahhabist orientation, even though the imam at that particular mosque was clearly not a Wahhabist. Apparently the funders of the renovation attached some strings to the financing of the upgrading of the mosque.

Getting back now to the content of the first link in this posting....If indeed America is importing Wahhabist imams, then radicalization of young Muslims will pick up speed within our borders. We're already noted the progression of Europe toward Eurabia as homegrown terrorists become a significant threat to national security. Importing Wahhabists to the United States will lead to the same radicalization here.

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