Saturday, March 22, 2008

Ugandan Christians Insulted — No Riots

I posted yesterday here as to how our U.S. envoy Sada Cumber supports the OIC's litigation-ifada. And of course we know that various U.S. officials, including Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, are forever declaring how important it is for us infidels to respect Islam and Islamic values (whatever the latter means).

The critical matter of respecting Islam was a key issue at the recent OIC recent. And, of course, Osama Bin Laden has also recently told Europe that the Motoons are morally worse than the slaughter of Mulims. Go figure.

Now we have the following to go along with all the above, via this posting at World Divided:
Uganda has always welcomed its neighbors, like the refugees from Rwanda after the 1994 genocide – the genocide Uganda played a key role in stopping of - or like Colonel Ghaddafi who’s been a very dear guest of Uganda. But apparently, the Colonel reserves very little regard for religious feelings of the people of Uganda: earlier this week he came to their country, he stood on their soil in front of the crowd of thousands of Muslims who gathered at Nakivubo Stadium in Kampala chanting “Allahu Akbar”, he said
Mohammed, the founder of Islam, was the only messenger of God to mankind and the seal of all prophets

The current Bible was not the one revealed to Jesus and the current Old Testament is not the one Allah gave to Moses

Reference to Prophet Mohammed in the Bible could have been deleted

Moses predicted the coming of Mohammed and that Jesus, too, talked of a prophet that would come after him

Any book that doesn’t mention Mohammed isn’t true and is forged.
So much for respect…And all this has been said in the presence of the President of Uganda who is known for being a welcoming host, a good Christian and a true believer in God.

Now, let’s imagine the leader of Christian faith coming to the Muslim country and saying, “Koran is forged”. The flags and effigies would be burnt, the apology would be demanded, the diplomatic ties would be threatened, the churches would be attacked and Christians would get killed. And yet, nobody in the main stream media even dares mentioning Ghaddafi’s slur, and no pseudo-liberal pundit rushes to protect the feelings of the Christians of Uganda.


...I bet if some Christian coming to Uganda said something offensive about Islam, the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council they would be running their mouth off despite the fact that they are not in charge of the visit.
Go read the whole thing over at World Divided to see how well the Ugandan Christians have comported themselves in the face of Ghaddafi's insult to the Bible.

The contrast between those Ugandan Christian-leaders and the ranting, oh-so-sensitive Muslims who are outraged over a bunch of CARTOONS and now are pushing for legal recourse to address any insult to "the prophet" could not be any plainer.

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