Thursday, October 02, 2008

When Bloggers Disagree

Recently a commenter to this blog decided to bid me farewell because I indicated that I believe that Barack Obama might be a Moslem, in spite of his saying that he is a Christian. One can argue the point from both sides, but, of course, only Obama and the Lord know the sincerity of his professed Christianity. This post, however, is not about Obama but rather about blogging and my personal puzzlement that one disagreement has led to a breach between two bloggers who used to get along just fine.
Human nature is such that, for the most part, we tend to keep company with those with whom we agree. Yes, we do take a cursory look at the views of those with whom we don't find common ground, and some of us go trolling at other sites to seek out a firefight or try to convince others of their errors in views. Still, for the most part, we choose to keep company with those of like mind, both in the real world and the virtual world.

Even so, friends don't necessarily agree on every matter. For example, my dearest friend in all the world is an agnostic, and I am a Christian. Nevertheless, we have been "heart friends" for nearly forty years. We respect one another's differences and don't dwell on matters of faith. In other words, we have enough common ground in other areas to keep our friendship strong.

I will not be mentioning by name the commenter who has bid farewell to this blog. Mentioning the name is not my style, particularly as this commenter is not a troll in the least regard. Neither is this essay an attack upon another blogger for whom I happen to have a lot of respect. But I do confess that I am puzzled that two often-like-minded bloggers can have such a falling out, albeit a one-sided one, over one single issue, particularly an issue which is not the focus of this blog.

I did not enter the blogosphere with the expectation that I would agree with everyone's point of view. Indeed, part of blogging, particularly political and cultural blogging, involves the reading and consideration of divergent points of view. And if we disagree, so what? Two thinking people never agree completely on everything.

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posted by Always On Watch @ 10/02/2008 05:00:00 AM