Friday, November 14, 2008

The Flight 93 Memorial

Now that 9/11 is some seven years in the past, attention to what the Flight 93 Memorial really represents has waned. In my view, we need to revisit what's been going on in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

Please take the time to watch the following video (with a hat tip to Bob McCarty Writes:

Read more HERE and HERE.

The present design of the memorial in not a fitting design for those brave individuals who refused to let United Flight 93 be used as a deadly missile, as were the other flights which reached their targets on 9/11.

Does 9/11 matter so little now that we are going to sit back and allow this atrocity of a memorial to become a reality, without even raising our voices in outrage? Do we care so little about the passengers and legitimate flight crew, all of whose lives were sacrificed so as to prevent the airliner from reaching its destination, that we just say "Oh, well"?

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posted by Always On Watch @ 11/14/2008 07:00:00 PM