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UK: Go To Jail, Demand Shari'a (With Addendum)

In the name of human rights, of course. Please note the addendum at the end of this post!

From this source:
Jailed Islamic extremists want women prison officers banned from guarding them during Friday prayers - claiming it's against their human rights. Terrorists at Wakefield jail say having them there while they pray is an "insult to their religion".
They also want an in-the-slammer mosque as the interfaith facility is tainted:
Services are held in the prison's gym after the 60-strong group refused to pray in the jail's multi-faith chapel because it was used by "non-believers".

Now they want a mosque built there.
So far, the demands have been refused:
Their single-sex guards demand was refused - but it's feared they could now take their complaint to the European Court and use the Human Rights Act to claim they are being victimised....
Last week, the UK did take an anti-dhimmitudinal stand on another issue:
A Muslim chef who accused the Metropolitan Police of religious discrimination when told he must handle pork has lost his tribunal case.

Hasanali Khoja was told he would be expected to handle pork products at his new job at the Empress State Building in Earls Court, west London.

The 60-year-old from Edgware, north-west London, also said racist gestures were made to him when he complained.
A Metropolitan Police spokeswoman said:..."Mr Khoja remains a valued member of staff."
Why, particularly if he has such a strong commitment to Islam and accused some of the police force of "racist gestures"? Was that accusation a false one?

ADDENDUM (hat tip to Infidel Bloggers Alliance): "Muslims Have Own Human Rights Systems." Excerpt from this article in the Iran Daily:
Head of the Foreign Ministry’s College of International Relations Bahador Aminian on Sunday said western countries have become used to abusing human rights to exert pressure on other countries.

In an interview with Iran Daily he said Iran as an Islamic state continues to promote human rights.

“The definition that Islam renders about human beings and the value system that it offers is what the masses demand from the international community. As such, Iran should not be accused for non-observation of human rights. We believe that the notion of cultural diversity and human rights can open new vistas for human rights-related issues and hence the college has attended to the issue both from academic and diplomatic perspectives,“ he noted.

On the occasion of the World Day of Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development, a two-day international training workshop themed ’Cultural Diversity and Human Rights’ opened at the college on Sunday.

Aminian went on to emphasize that human rights should not be necessarily in unison with particular western values and standards as Muslim communities have their own reading of human rights.
As I noted in a post in 2005, differing definitions.

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