Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hamas Whines About Aphrodisiacs

Yesterday, I came home from a few relaxing hours at the swimming pool, booted up the computer, and visited Jihad Watch to catch up on the latest news about the Islamic jihad.

Some days, in spite of the seriousness of the topic, I simply have to smile at the whining and ludicrous claims of Moslems.
From AFP:
Hamas suspects that Israeli intelligence services are supplying its Gaza Strip stronghold with chewing gum that boosts the sex drive in order to "corrupt the young," an official said on Tuesday.

"We have discovered two types of stimulants that were introduced into the Gaza Strip from Israeli border crossings," Hamas police spokesman Islam Shahwan told AFP.

"The first type is presented in the form of chewing gum and the second in the form of drops," he said.


The story came to light after a Palestinian man filed a complaint that his daughter had experienced "dubious side effects" after chewing the offending gum, Israeli media reported....
I won't speculate on what those "side effects" entail. Commenters, please remember that this web site is not rated "Adults Only."

Mr. Spencer points out that Hamas's accusation is a serious one as far as Moslems are concerned:
...When Hamas levels such a charge, it is aware of the significance it will have for Muslims who know their Qur'an, situating the modern-day Jews as those meriting divinely-mandated retribution.
Still, I couldn't help but smile at the asinine absurdity of Hamas's complaint. Will Moslems really believe that Israel would waste time and resources distributing aphrodisiacs in Gaza? Probably so. After all, Moslems believe some strange things about intestines and eyeballs.

Note: This post illegal in Ireland?

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