Friday, July 10, 2009

Symbolic Beheading

The fiberglass statue, eight feet tall and weighing some 200 pounds, was stolen last month from in front of a Brooklyn coffee shop.

The video is dated July 4th:

Read the accompanying New York Post article HERE.

As I commented at Jihad Watch:
If they don't like our values here, then they should go live in an Islamic nation — in other words, abandon their colonies in the United States.
According to Fox News:
Police in New York City are scrambling to locate the producers of a YouTube video that depicts a stolen replica of the Statue of Liberty blindfolded, beheaded and smashed into pieces — a display that one terror expert says is intended to "instill fear" in everyday Americans.


...[T]he people behind the video would not likely be subject to hate crime charges since the clip is not directed toward a specific individual or group.


The video...was sent anonymously to the New York Daily News and to Debi Ryan, owner of Vox Pop, a coffee shop known for left-wing-leaning political debate and poetry readings....

"I'm scared," Ryan told the New York Post. "I'm hoping I don't have to fear for my life, but I feel very nervous … This was clearly politically motivated. Whoever did this is trying to shut us up. They were targeting what we represent."
Perhaps the video is a hoax and wasn't made by Moslem maniacs. I did notice an inconsistency in the film. See if you notice that inconsistency too.

But would any of us be surprised to learn that jihadomaniacs would steal a symbol of freedom and vandalize it? See this, "Cartoons from the Arab World," a very small and quite dated sampling. The hatred remains the same, however.

And reaching out to a sick mind is an exercise in futility.

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posted by Always On Watch @ 7/10/2009 07:04:00 AM