Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Michael Moore: Fomenting Revolution?

This morning, I stumbled to the coffee pot, waited for the coffee to brew (seemed like forever), and turned on my local morning news, only to be "greeted" by a tirade by Michael Moore, promoting his new film Capitalism: A Love Story.

No, I haven't seen the film, nor do I plan to, but I might watch it when the DVD comes to NetFlix. Know thy enemy.
I admit that I wasn't fully awake when regaled by Michael Moore. But what he said did sound as if he's fomenting revolution. Will anyone hold him accountable if he's doing so?

From this article in Variety:
Just minutes after the Los Angeles premiere screening of Michael Moore's "Capitalism, A Love Story" ended, the filmmaker posted this message to his Twitter feed: "The packed house gets up to grab their torches and pitchforks..."
The article next states that Moore was just kidding, but goes on later to state the following:
His latest movie tries to tap into populist outrage from the left, at a time when that anger has been channeled much more visibly by the right. The outrage that we have seen, the town halls and the tea parties and the birthers, have been over the fear of big government, not that there won't be a safety net. "They are very good at it," he told me, adding that conservatives' ability to "own the bailout" is for "entirely different reasons from me." It is also one of the reasons he was so anxious to get his movie out.


Moore's most compelling "get" also acts as a rallying point to counter the right's ability to stir populist emotion. It is footage, long thought lost until Moore's production staff found it, of Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1944 presenting what he called the "Second Bill of Rights," guaranteeing economic security via jobs with a living wage, medical care and a home. Roosevelt said: "Unless there is security here at home, there cannot be lasting peace in the world." It's a well-timed, stirring moment, and as "Capitalism" is released Moore no doubt will be one of the message's most formidable champions.
Read the entire article.

Below is the YouTube audio excerpt from FDR's Fireside Chat of January 11, 1944:

Until BHO took office, FDR was the reddest President America has ever had. No wonder that Michael Moore is taking his talking points from that source! Furthermore, Moore apparently doesn't hesitate to advocate violence to achieve both publicity for his new film and his goal of changing America into Amerika.

Most of us on the right sneer at Michael Moore and his blatant propaganda. Young people in high school and college, however, drink up the ideology he promotes, sucking down the Kool-aid in huge gulps.

Note to readers and family: Updates on Mr. AOW's progress are HERE.

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