Saturday, October 31, 2009

Glenn Beck's Monologue On October 20, 2009

Note to family and friends: Updates on Mr. AOW are being added to this post, last updated on October 28.

For any who may not have seen the following when it aired and worth your time (hat tip to Mike's America):

Also see THIS over at Rumcrook. Brief excerpt:
Did you ever wonder who were the folks who got all those special invites to the White House since the Obama’s turned it into party central? The White House released the list. Here are some highlights…

* Two visits by William Ayers, the Weatherman terrorist whose group bombed the Pentagon and who said he wished he had done more. Remember Obama told us all that Ayers was “just some guy in the neighborhood” back in Chicago. What a liar!
* Two visits by Angela Davis, former Communist Party candidate for Vice President and found innocent of kidnapping and murder of a judge....
Read the whole thing!

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