Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Major Malik Nidal Hasan's Business Card

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From this posting at Jihad Watch:

Hasan showed the card at every opportunity!

SoA stands for Soldier of Allah, SWT a glorification following the use of Allah's name.

At the Jihad Watch posting cited above, Hugh Fitzgerald commented as follows:
Here is a question. Did no one who received this card, who read this card, have any idea what the initials SWT mean? No? Why not?

Is this failure not emblematic of the much larger failure, to know a...thing about Islam, to know the texts on which Nidal Malik Hasan relied, the very texts that support fully his view that Infidels are be decapitated, have boiling oil poured down their throats, and so on? The Qur'anic passages -- the passages that every Muslim who claims to be a Muslim is also telling you he believes to part of a text that is the literal Word of God, and so we are entitled to hold him to that, to regard him as thinking, and perhaps someday acting, on that -- are there for all to see. Robert Spencer posted those relevant texts here the other day, for all to see. He could have posted many more. What is wrong with those who claim to be able to instruct and protect us? They cannot properly protect us, or even themselves, if they are going to continue to be wilfully ignorant. They have no claim to authority. They have no claim on us. They are losing authority. They are no longer to be listened to, if they continue to behave, to talk, to act, in this matter of Islam, like fools.
Meanwhile, the probe searching for Hasan's motives continues with Ahmed Faisal heading the FBI investigation. Faisal has been quoted by MSNBC as follows:
"[W]e are now confident that Hasan's faith played absolutely no role in his state of mind leading up to this tragedy. End of subject."
"End of subject?" That's the FBI's attitude?

Sounds like shari'a to me: Under strict Islamic law, filthy infidels are not allowed to investigate Moslems.

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