Friday, December 04, 2009

Video: The Myth of Islamic Spain (With Addendum)

(Note to family and friends: The most recent update on Mr. AOW is here)

As a Spanish major, I found of particular interest the video below from Vlad Tepes. First, you will see a clip from the BBC, a section which whitewashes Islamic rule. Then, you will see two clips which present some inconvenient facts. Please watch the entire video:

As pointed out by Vlad Tepes:
[The BBC] seemed to imply that Spain would be better off under another 700 years of brutal racist oppressive sharia law and Islamic rule.
And at taxpayers' expense, no less.

Furthermore, if you look at most world history textbooks, you will find a glorification of the 700 years of Islamic rule in Spain. Indeed, those years are often referred to as a golden age.

Don't believe it! Don't let your children believe it!

Not all during the period of Islamic rule in Spain was light and beauty.

Balance the whitewash with the truth.

Addendum (some factual reading): The Persistent Myth of Andalucia

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