Friday, January 22, 2010

Your Weekend Graphic (With Essay And Video)

From Nate Beeler at the Washington Examiner:

Related reading, an excerpt from "What Will It Take?" - an essay by GM Roper - is below the fold.

What will it take for the Democrats to realize that they are in the same precarious position that the Republicans were in during the run-up to the 2006 elections?


The people have spoken (via elections and Tea Party protests) and they have spoken loud enough for the Democrats to hear. If they will.
Read GM's entire essay HERE.

Perhaps you have seen the video below. It has appeared at many web sites, particularly since Tuesday's election results in Massachusetts. For your convenience, I'm posting the video here at Always On Watch.

As significant as that that video is, the blurb for the video is of even more significance. A portion of that blurb is posted below the video.

Excerpt from the YouTube blurb for the above video:
I had stopped the comments on this video for many reasons, for example: racist rants, death threats, calling out for murder, accusing me of things that are just not true (as if you liberals somehow have ESP and know what I am all about.)...
Read the rest of the blurb HERE.

America today is divided in an ugly manner. Clearly, BHO is not the great uniter.

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