Monday, February 01, 2010

A Day In The Life...

(Note: All posts related to Mr. AOW's stroke of September 15, 2009, and his recovery are HERE) the AOWs' house.

A 4:30 am potty chair call, pee bottle dropped (in the bed), visits from physical therapist and occupational therapist, treading 10 steps down to cellar (where the washer & dryer reside) to do up to 3-4 loads at a time, hauling man in wheelchair to doctor (and other places), sweeping snow from the wheelchair ramp, cooking, learning to drive in a new area (near DC), cleaning and organizing cupboards, doing dishes by hand, scolding Cameo to keep her out of the Dusti's and Mysti's food dishes.


Am I a masochist?

Note to readers from AOW: This post was written by The Merry Widow, who arrived here from Florida on January 13 on her mission of mercy. She's not exaggerating in the least about the routine here! We do get the occasional break in routine. See The Beak's posting about his visit here on January 31. For this outing, The Beak did all the heavy lifting and the pushing of the transport chair, thus giving TMW and me some respite for our aching backs.

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posted by The Merry Widow @ 2/01/2010 05:00:00 AM