Friday, February 12, 2010

Joe Biden's Brain

Joe Biden does say the most outrageous things. For example, see this post and this post at Infidel Bloggers Alliance.

Now, check out the some information about confabulation:

From Wiki:
In psychology, Confabulation is the spontaneous narrative report of events that never happened. It consists usually of the creation of false memories, perceptions, or beliefs about the self or the environment as a result of neurological or psychological dysfunction. When it is a matter of memory, confabulation is the confusion of imagination with memory, or the confused application of true memories. Confabulations are difficult to differentiate from delusions and from lying.


Patients who have suffered brain damage or lesions, especially to the prefrontal cortical regions, may have confabulation of memories as a symptom.
Biden has undergone two surgeries for brain aneurysms.

I know a bit about confabulation because Mr. AOW's stroke on the right side of the brain produces confabulation to a certain extent.

Furthermore, because of this confabulation, Mr. AOW has been deemed legally incompetent.

The right side of the brain produces confabulations under certain conditions and can produce ideas of euphoria, despite real threats to one's well being.

Now, tell me again, why is Biden a heartbeat away from the Presidency?

Note to readers: In between shifts of shoveling out from the last snowfall here, I've been having a posting frenzy. Please scroll down to check out other postings. Plenty to weigh in on!

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